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To sear or not to sear!

If you have been on reddit and more specifically any of the food related subreddits you have been presented with many versions of prepared meat, typically a very large and healthy slab of beef that has been pan seared.

But why exactly is it that we sear meat? Many of us will, without blinking, answer; "that is to keep the juices in the meat! And thereby make the steak or whatever piece of meat we are talking about more juicy and tasty." But that is actually not correct! When you sear the best you can do is to keep the same amount of juice in the meat compared to if you hadn't seared it. Typically you will end up with less juice by searing though.

So why do it?

Well there are 3 good reasons to searing (other than it really isn't that much more juice you loose (1.68%))

  • The appearance of the meat is more appealing when seared to a brown crust than a bland greyish surface.
  • The searing creates desirable flavours in the crust
  • The contrast between crust and soft meat enhances the experience for the palate

So even though the main reason many of us thought we had to sear isn't holding up you definitely should keep searing!

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Posted: 7 years, 6 months ago
Mikkel Gadegaard
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