Frequently asked questions

Is Pabular free to use?

Yes Pabular is completely free to use for everyone.

Do I need to be a registered user to use Pabular?

If you want to be an active user that uploads recipes or articles, make comments and vote on the site you need to be a registered user. If you just want to find a recipe and use it you do not need to be a registered user.

What information can other users see about me on my profile page?

Basically just your user name, how long you have been a member on the site and when you were last logged on to the site. If you supply your real name, your date of birth, your location, website and a description this will also be visible. Your e-mail will never be visible!

What is Pabularity?

Pabularity is an expression of your activities on pabular. It tells something about how active you are as a user and how valued your contributions to Pabular are.
Let us begin with how what others do affect you:
  • You get 10 points when another user votes up your recipe or article.
  • You get 4 points when another user votes up your image.
  • You get 2 points when another user votes up your comment.
Those were the positive effects, but there are negative effects as well:
  • You get deducted 2 points when another user votes down your recipe or article.
  • You get deducted 1 point when another user votes down your image or comment.
When you vote you are only affected when you vote something down:
  • You get deducted 1 point when you vote down another users recipe or article.

Why is my Pabularity negative?

If other users down vote your contributions or if you yourself excessively down vote other user material your Pabularity might become negative.

Why do you have adverts on Pabular?

Advertisements are what pays for the servers to keep running.

How do I find my own recipes?

You can see your own recipes by clicking on your username in the upper left corner of the page. That takes you to your profile overview pages and here you can find your own recipes.

How Do I Comment on a Recipe?

At the bottom of every recipe you'll find an empty box. Type in your comment and click the "Add Comment" button beneath the box.

How do I edit a Recipe?

On all your own recipes there is a link "edit recipe". When you view your own recipe the link is just above the comment section. Edit your recipe and click save when done.

Do I have to take my own food photos?

You do not have to make your own photos. Pabular has some stock photos that you can use and you can also use other users' photos.

What is it to "Flag" a recipe or photo?

Flagging is a way to notify moderators that you believe that there is something wrong with a picture or a recipe.

I want to change my avatar, how can I do it?

Usually you just change your avatar directly with your login provider, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. However, those of you that use Google for login, need to go to to change your avatar.

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