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Eating - the experience

Eating - the experience

Eating is not only a question of tasting, as many know eating is also a visual experience. The chefs put a lot of work into creating a serving that not only tastes well but also is a visual delight.

Well in my opinion the ambience is also important for the whole experience. I've been to restaurants where the food was good but the ambience really bad, and I almost never ever return to such a place.

Here are some pictures from restaurants I would really like the chance to visit at some point. They have really done something with the architecture of the restaurant (at least that is what I get from the pictures). You would of course have to go there to see and feel if food and ambience connects.

L'Arc Paris Restaurant:

The Redwoods Treehouse in New Zealand:

Pizza East in London:

Bangalore Express in London:

But as I mention above food and ambience must be connected. So eating a hot dog in a designer chair with silver cutlery might not be the best combination. In Spain tapas is a big thing and I am of that opinion that if you want traditional tapas like someones grandmother made them you need to find a spot that looks a little scruffy preferably with a good representation of older people hanging at the bar. An example of this could be one of my favorite spots in Barcelona (sans old people though)

It is called Can Paixano and is almost always completely packed with people getting drunk on cava and eating to much greasy food (you can't drink without eating - very responsible). I enjoy being there:

So enjoy your dinner and put a napkin and some candles on the table!

Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago
Mikkel Gadegaard
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