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Fresh vietnamese spring rolls - The assembly

Fresh vietnamese spring rolls - The assembly

Making fresh Vietnamese spring rolls may sound a little complicated, but it is actually quite easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Dip a piece of square rice paper in water and place it on your cutting board.

Place a bit of lettuce in the center of the rice paper.

Now place a few sticks of carrot and cucumber.

Add fresh mint.

Add a few pieces of meat

Add coriander and basil.

Top off with a few peanuts and start rolling the roll by lifting up the two corners closest to yourself.

Roll away from yourself while holding down the filling firmly.

Tuck in the ends while you keep rolling.

Place the finished roll on the center of your cutting board.

Cut the roll in half.

And voilá.

Serve on a plate with dippings (see recipe). Enjoy!

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