Food is love. And good food is what good living is all about. What we're all about. Think about it. Magic happens over a meal. Whether it's served in a restaurant, in the kitchen, dining room or in bed. Food brings people and life together. It's a conversation piece that lingers in your mouth, its story just waiting to be told.

We have created pabular.com for you to have a place to share your passion for food with like-minded people. A place for foodies to connect. Where you can show off your best recipes and share that special food-knowledge of yours. A place for you to seek inspiration and inspire others. A place to learn, play and have fun.

The story

Pabular.com is created by us, Mikkel Gadegaard and Klaus Byskov Hoffmann, two brothers with a shared passion for food and a few computer skills. We have a common dream of making a fun and interactive foodie platform, and we set out to do so in 2010, thus having spent two years of hard work on the result that you are now looking at. Pabular.com is operated out of Barcelona, Spain, a great source of all things food, that we will strive to share with you on a daily basis. A special thank goes out to Maya Byskov, Rosita Alexandra Dawn Schiller, Marianne Blicher and Casper Hach for their great help and support during the development of pabular.com.

The name

The name Pabular is a seldom-used word for "all things fit for food, anything edible". This term is very broad and all encompassing pertaining food, and in fact, that's what we're all about.

Start exploring

We won't get into more details about the site, because that's for you to explore.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for visiting pabular.com.

The pabular.com team

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Foodie Fact

Did you know that coffee is the world's most recognizable smell?
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